Building Light Rail Will Create 3,500 New Local Jobs

Canberra urgently needs job creation

Over 3,500 new local jobs will be created during the construction and operation of light rail in the first three years. Following construction, more than 26,000 new long-term jobs will be created due to increased economic activity and growth along the light rail corridor. This new job creation includes construction jobs, engineering and technical services, and specialists. Many more will be created in allied and supporting services and businesses along the corridor and during construction.

Unions are working closely with Canberra Metro to ensure that the jobs created by the project are based locally, and that local suppliers are used wherever possible. This will ensure that the flow-on job-creation and economic boost has maximum impact for Canberra.

Canberra is at risk of a jobs crisis

The Liberal government has mismanaged the economy and is wrecking jobs for working people. The unprecedented Federal public service sackings by the Liberal Government, combined with continuing cuts to social services, health and education in the 2014 and 2015 Budgets, has hit working people and the community.

Over 7,000 local public service jobs have been wrecked by the Liberal Government since the 2013 election. Many hundreds more jobs have been destroyed in social services and small businesses because of the Liberal Government's cuts, lies and broken promises.

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