We're not here for the easy fights

Over 33,000 union members and tens of thousands of people across Canberra are standing up to take action in their workplaces and communities to take on the big issues: tackling inequality, fighting for justice, decent jobs, universal health care, quality education, and challenging corporate power.

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We are campaigning for a better, brighter Canberra for all.

Help give Australia a pay rise.

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Penalty Rates
Join our campaign to stop Sunday penalty rates cuts that working people can't afford and don't deserve.
Your Rights at Work
Everyone deserves to be treated with respect at work, no matter who you are or where you are from.
Workplace Safety
Everyone deserves to go to work and get home safely. Work should be safe, whether you are a construction worker, teacher, shop assistant or public servant.
Social Justice
We believe that an injustice to one person is an injustice to all people. That’s why we support women, same-sex marriage and refugee rights.

We are completely people-powered and rely on the contributions and donations of everyday people like you to combat corporate cash.

Your generosity will go directly to supporting and funding our grassroots campaigns.


We're for Canberra

Canberra is the best city in Australia to live and work because of the tireless campaigning and organising of workers in unions.

Joining your union is the best decision you can make in your working life. 

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Stand Up. Get Organised.

UnionsACT acknowledges that its office sits in Ngunnawal country and we pay our respect to the past and present elders of the first inhabitants of this land.


We are a people powered movement of 20,600 people and growing.

With more than 1,512 people across Canberra and the region, union members and supporters are building a community organisation from the ground up, neighbourhood to neighbourhood, one conversation at a time.

We are committed to empowering and training amazing grassroots activists across Canberra. Join with us to help make big, important and permanent changes to build a better future.

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We rely on the support of everyday people just like you.

Corporate profits are up. Wages are down. The workplace laws that were supposed to ensure workers could bargain fair pay rises are broken and need to be fixed. 

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In Australia, we face a choice between two worlds. They represent two fundamentally different visions for our future. On one side stand a handful of oligarchs, the billionaires, multinational corporations and their servants in the Liberal Party. 

On the other side stand the millions of working people, their families and their communities. Australia’s working people create all the wealth in this nation, yet are forced to struggle, to beg for a slice of the great prosperity from their efforts. 

Working people want a just and equal Australia, where we have healthy, sustainable communities, dignified and safe work, and shared prosperity. 

And it is the union movement that will build this Australia, and bring back fairness.