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After years of being discriminated against, underpaid, exposed to injuries, harassment and bullying, young women workers in Canberra are "Sick of It".

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Young working women are unpaid, exploited, bullied, harassed and they are sick of it.

Join our campaign for stronger laws to protect young women at work.

The findings from this report are:

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Young women at work in Canberra are at higher risk of wage-theft, discrimination, bullying, and sexual harassment. 

UnionsACT surveyed over 220 young people in Canberra in January and February 2018.

  1. Young women are paid less, experience more wage-theft and are more likely to be precariously employed than young men.
  2. More young women than men experienced discrimination at work.
  3. Young women experience greater levels of stress and anxiety because of what happens to them at work than young men.
  4. Low wages and insecure work mean more young women than men avoid seeing the doctor, and avoid buying medicine due to the costs.
  5. Young women reported high levels of experiencing sexual harassment while at work.

"No body knows their rights, and I was shunned for calling out some of the employers."

Student, casual worker

The laws meant to protect young women at work are broken.

There are a series of structural disadvantages that disproportionately discriminate and negatively impact young women workers, including a gender pay gap which begins at the very start of a young woman’s career. 

This points to the need to implement urgent changes to the laws governing workplaces in order to ensure better protections and institute equal workplaces.

Change the Rules

Almost  seventy percent  of young women workers have experienced wage theft in the past 12 months.

Young women are saying that they are sick of the discrimination, exploitation and bullying at work.


"I was bullied by my manager at my previous job which was part of a gendered pattern and ultimately made me quit."

Community sector worker

"Casual work sucks and if you
complain about conditions it’s easy for your
management to punish you for
it by cutting shifts"

Student, casual worker

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