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After years of being put at risk and exposed to injuries, harassment and bullying, young workers in Canberra are at "Breaking Point".

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A shocking number of young workers are injured every year in Canberra. 

Join our campaign for stronger laws to protect young workers.

The unavoidable conclusions of this report are:

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Young workers in Canberra are being placed at risk of injury, bullying, and sexual harassment. 

UnionsACT surveyed over 220 young people in Canberra in January and February 2018.

  1. Forty percent of young workers aged 15 to 25 had been injured at work.
  2. 36 percent of workers aged under 18 have been injured at work.
  3. Forty percent of young workers have not been told by their employer what to do if they are injured at work.
  4. Bullying and harassment of young workers remains constant compared to 2017, with seventy percent of young workers reporting they had been bullied or harassed while at work.
  5. Young women reported high levels of experiencing sexual harassment while at work.

Workers in Canberra as young as fourteen have faced unsafe workplaces, injury, and harassment at work.

The laws meant to protect young workers have failed.

The WHS Act and child protection laws in the ACT do not protect the safety of young workers in Canberra. Too many employers get away with exposing young workers to unsafe work practices, and penalties are too light if they are caught. 

The legal avenues for young workers to access justice involve costly, drawn-out court processes that favour employers.

Change the Rules

Almost  four in ten  young workers have been injured at work in the past 12 months.

Young workers are saying that they feel at "breaking point" at work when it comes to safety, bullying and harassment. 


"I was bullied by my manager at my previous job which was part of a gendered pattern and ultimately made me quit."

23 year old woman, community sector

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