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Corporate profits are up. Wages are down.  

Australia needs a pay rise. 

The cost of living has been increasing but wages aren’t keeping up. Company profits are growing and the richest people are getting richer but working people are going backwards.

Support our campaign to Get Australia A Pay Rise

We need to change the broken system so that workers can bargain for fair pay rises.

Company profits are growing more than five times faster than wages!

The economic growth that working people have helped build over the last 30 years is benefiting only a small group of wealthy, powerful people. They ask more and more of working people and let us have less and less of what we help create. 

Job security has been undermined, loopholes have been exploited to trap working people in insecure, outsourced, casualised work. Power has been shifted to the multi-national corporation and the executives making it harder and harder to achieve real wage increases. 

All while the Liberal/National Government cuts penalty rates, turns a blind eye to worker exploitation and does nothing to improve the bargaining power of working people.

Real wages are going backwards for 80% of workers. Private sector wages grew only 2% this year, which is less than inflation (2.1%).

Meanwhile, corporate profits increased by over 30% last year, most of which benefits overseas shareholders.