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"When Australians work together, they are mighty and

I'm committed to Changing the Rules

"I stand with Sally McManus and the Australian union movement."


Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary

A job you can count on and fair wage increases.

Wages are barely keeping pace with inflation while company profits and productivity continue to rise. We need to give the power to negotiate pay rises back to working people.

Wages are in crisis. We need to give power back to working people to organise and win improvements to their pay and conditions in fair negotiations with their employers.

Australia needs to end restrictions on what can be included in a collective agreement and allow free negotiations between employers and employees.

Workers need an increase the minimum wage to be a living wage (60 percent of the median wage), and ensure that Award minimums improve over time.

We must make our bargaining system fair, so workers can freely negotiate fair wage increases.

The laws needs to be changed to restore penalty rates and prevent them from being cut ever again. 

There needs to be a guarantee of equal pay for women, which we can win by establishing an Equal Pay Commission. 

And finally, we need to end wage theft, by ensuring working people can quickly and easily recover what was stolen and increasing disincentives for employers. 

Our plan to give Australia a pay rise.

Our plan for secure jobs you can count on.

Australia must move to a more even playing field by updating our industrial laws to reflect the reality of the modern workplace and labour market – we must change the rules to put working people’s needs on par with business profits.

We must promote and encourage local industries that provide good, secure jobs, rather than relying on a failed model of trickle-down economics. This means maximising job opportunities for locals and investing in industries that train and employ local workers.

And we must fight gender inequality, marginalisation and discrimination so that people who have the toughest time getting good secure jobs have a fair shot.

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