We need to raise $40,000 to kickstart our campaign.



Put Zed last at the Election. 

It's where he puts you.

1. Donate

Donate to help kickstart our grassroots campaign to Dump Zed as a senator for the ACT.

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2. Volunteer

Get active and join our people-powered local movement of volunteers who are leafleting and doorknocking across Canberra

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3. Vote

When the Election starts in 2019 and voting opens, put Zed last. That's where he puts you.

Why we want to Dump Zed

Because Canberra deserves better

There's so many ways that everyday people in the ACT have been let down and disappointed by Zed. His attacks on working people, his opposition to marriage equality, his support of climate change denalists, his betrayal on territory rights... and many more...

This website and campaign is run by UnionsACT, the peak council for working people in the ACT and Canberra region. 

Union members across Canberra strongly disapprove of Zed's performance as Liberal senator for the ACT. We believe that rather than representing the values of Canberra, Zed cares only about his narrow, ultra-conservative and anti-union interests.  


Help us Dump Zed

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Where does the money go?

Who gets it? What is it spent on?

Who gets the money?

All donations to the Dump Zed campaign go to UnionsACT (Trades and Labour Council of the ACT), the peak council for the union movement in Canberra. Read more about us here.

What is the money spent on?

Donations to the Dump Zed campaign will be spent on electoral campaigning to convince Canberrans to put Zed last at the 2019 Federal Election. This will include TV ads, radio ads, printed material, and social media advertising. 

Are donations tax deductible?

Unfortunately, no, they are not.


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