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Dodgy bosses who commit wage theft and put workers at risk of injury should not get lucrative contracts with the ACT Government.

The ACT is one of Australia's worst offending jurisdictions. Dodgy bosses and unscrupulous contractors routinely commit wage-theft, disregard workplace safety laws and undermine workers' rights, yet get preferential treatment when seeking lucrative contracts with the ACT Government.

The fact is that 40 percent of ACT businesses break workplace laws by committing wage theft or disregarding safety laws.

The current system does not ensure that dodgy bosses are prevented from getting ACT Government contracts.

We need these news laws to ensure that taxpayer funded contracts are only awarded to reputable businesses with the highest ethical and labour standards.

Support new Secure Local Jobs laws

The ACT Government's contracting rules are broken. These laws will fix them.

Investigations show that 40 percent of Canberran businesses break workplace laws, including stealing millions in workers' wages. 

Wage theft, sham contracting, threats of deportation and cash-in-hand payments have become a business model for some companies contracting for government work. 

These are the companies who want to keep their workers isolated and completely ignorant of their rights to maximise their own profits by cutting wages and conditions, and putting workers at risk of serious injury.

76.3% of Canberrans support stronger laws to stop wage theft

Canberra is a town that looks after one-another, and where we value supporting decent businesses that create secure local jobs, and invest in skills, even if it costs a little bit more.

That's why Canberrans overwhelmingly support stronger laws that would stop wage-theft, and require that contractors adhere to Federal Fair Work Laws and ACT workplace safety laws.

Canberra needs secure local jobs


The Secure Local Jobs Package will:

Ensure contracts are awarded to companies that meet the highest ethical and labour standards across their business.

Ensure that the creation of local jobs is a key consideration in awarding government contracts.

Introduce measures to promote job security, including by eliminating sham contracting.

Create a clear and transparent process is established for contracts to be awarded, disputes to be resolved and that contracts are continually monitored for performance.

Simplify the contracting process by introducing standard terms for all contracts.

Ensure workers have freedom of association rights, and access to representation in the workplace and at inductions.

The current ACT Government contracting system is broken. 

 These new laws will fix them. 

Under the current contracting system, dodgy contractors can under-cut decent, local businesses by ripping-off workers, disregarding safety laws, or stealing wages.

Your taxes should not go towards these unscrupulous, dodgy contractors. 

The new Secure Local Jobs Package will ensure that contracts are awarded only to companies who do the right thing and follow the law.

Canberra can't afford dodgy contractors who steal wages from their workers and break workplace laws.

That's why we need the new Secure Local Jobs Code.