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Over 3500 workers 
are injured in Canberra 
every year. 

That's more than 67 people each week! 

We need an independent 
Work Safe authority.

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Canberra needs an independent Work Safety authority. 

One that puts ensuring the safety of working people as its number one priority.

Instead, Worksafe, which is a sub-division of Access Canberra, has decreased its workplace inspections and reduced its priority on proactively enforcing the law.

More than 3000 serious workplace injuries each year

For many industries, Canberra is the least safe jurisdiction to work in Australia

The ACT is the least safe jurisdiction in Australia to work in the construction, retail, health and community services, transport and education sectors.

Rates of injury in the ACT during the most recent reporting period are at 11.3 serious claims per 1000 employees, compared to the Australian average of 9.8 serious claims.

Misplaced priorities of the regulator

In 2015, Worksafe was merged into Access Canberra, the same agency that regulates consumer law, gaming, parking fines and pet registration.

As part of that amalgamation, Access Canberra imposed a new compliance framework” onto Worksafe. This new framework removes the priority away from compliance and enforcement of the law. WorkSafe’s prosecution policy was changed so that Worksafe now only prosecutes the most “serious” breaches of work safety laws.

Finally, the new framework requires Worksafe to focus on educating employers, at the expense of workplace visits by inspectors.

The priorities of Access Canberra have been criticised by the Independent review into work safety as being inadequate and inappropriate.

“The ACT recorded a decrease in the number of proactive (down 10 per cent) and reactive (down 6 per cent) workplace visits”
Safe Work Australia CPM18

Independent review confirms that Worksafe must be independent

The Independent review into ACT work safety has confirmed that the merger of Worksafe ACT into Access Canberra has been to the detriment of workers' safety. 

The reviewer recommended that Worksafe be made completely independent.


Read our statement in response to the release of the Independent review into work safety

"This review exposes and disproves claims by the senior leadership of Access Canberra that there was ‘nothing to see’ when it came to work safety regulation in the ACT."

— Alex White, Secretary, UnionsACT, 30 Oct 2018

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